post163, lawful female human Knight
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        ···· #       u                                              
           #      ····#                                                
                 ###    ······                                                
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[Post163 the Gallant]    St:15 Dx:9 Co:12 In:7 Wi:16 Ch:17  Lawful
Dungeons of Doom:1  $:0  HP:0(16) Pw:6(6) AC:3  Xp:1/0 T:55

Latest messages

Salutations post163, welcome to UnNetHack! You are a lawful female human Knight.
Be careful! New moon tonight.
In what direction?
You slip while trying to get on the saddled pony.
You mount the saddled pony.
You see here 2 tins.
i - 2 tins.
What do you want to eat? [ghi or ?*]
It is not so easy to open this tin.
You hear bubbling water.
You succeed in opening the tin.
It contains spinach.
Eat it? [yn] (n)
This makes you feel like Popeye!
The door opens.
The grid bug bites!
You get zapped!
You've been through the dungeon on a pony with no name.
You hear some noises.
In what direction?
You slip while trying to get on the saddled pony.
You die...

Your inventory

Inventory: 571/1450 weight (9/52 slots)


a - an uncursed +1 long sword (weapon in hand)*
b - an uncursed +1 lance (alternate weapon; not wielded)*


c - an uncursed +1 ring mail (being worn)*
d - an uncursed +0 helmet (being worn)*
e - an uncursed +0 small shield (being worn)*
f - an uncursed +0 pair of leather gloves (being worn)*


g - 11 uncursed apples*
h - 12 uncursed carrots*
i - an [uncursed] tin of spinach

Final Attributes

You didn't know any spells.

Vanquished creatures

Voluntary challenges

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
Weapon Skills
long sword[Basic]
Spellcasting Skills

Dungeon overview

Game information

Seed: uiz45yyb
Started: 2024-04-07 02:00:48
Ended: 2024-04-07 02:01:03
Wallclock time: PT00:00:15
Play time: PT00:00:15


Fare thee well post163 the Knight...
You died in The Dungeons of Doom on dungeon level 1 with 0 points,
and 0 pieces of gold, after 55 moves.
Killer: slipped while mounting a saddled pony
You were level 1 with a maximum of 16 hit points when you died.
 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1    2326168  Andrio-Wiz-Elf-Fem-Cha ascended to demigoddess-hood.  440 [440]
  2    1500612  ogmobot-Kni-Hum-Fem-Law ascended to demigoddess-hood. 218 [279]
  3    1397224  Andrio-Rog-Hum-Mal-Cha ascended to demigod-hood.      553 [553]

 99       2092  Umbire-Wiz-Gno-Fem-Neu died in The Gnomish Mines on
                level 5.  Killed by a rope golem.                       -  [46]
 100       2045  Tangles-Val-Dwa-Fem-Law died in The Dungeons of Doom
                on level 8.  Killed by a lynx.                          -  [73]
*            0  post163-Kni-Hum-Fem-Law died in The Dungeons of Doom           
                on level 1.  Slipped while mounting a saddled pony.     -  [16]